hello, world

hi, i’m vidhan! welcome to my new site, written from the ground up using rust. this site mainly uses two libraries, namely the http server, axum and the html library hypertext. one of the coolest features of this site, the code block syntax highlighting, is powered by tree-sitter.

take a look at the code which powers this site’s syntax highlighting:

pub fn highlight(&self, language: &str, code: &str) -> Result<String, Box<dyn Error>> {
    let Some(config) = self.0.get(language) else {
        return Ok(html_escape::encode_text_minimal(code).into());

    let mut highlighter = Highlighter::new();

    let mut highlights =
        highlighter.highlight(config, code.as_bytes(), None, |lang| self.0.get(lang))?;

    highlights.try_fold(String::new(), |mut buf, event| {
        match event? {
            HighlightEvent::Source { start, end } => {
                html_escape::encode_text_minimal_to_string(&code[start..end], &mut buf);
            HighlightEvent::HighlightStart(Highlight(idx)) => {
                    "<span class=\"{}\">",
                    HIGHLIGHT_NAMES[idx].replace('.', " ")
                .expect("writing to a string should be infallible");
            HighlightEvent::HighlightEnd => {